New research: How many New Zealanders served on Gallipoli?

David Green, a Ministry for Culture and Heritage historian, has discovered that for almost 100 years we’ve been significantly underestimating the number of men who served on Gallipoli in New Zealand units.

“I was re-reading Major Fred Waite’s The New Zealanders at Gallipoli and noticed that two tables added up to 8,556. These were tables of the numbers in the Main Body of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, which left New Zealand in late 1914; and the numbers in additional units formed by the NZEF after it reached Egypt.”

“At the very bottom of the page I saw a note: ‘This does not include reinforcements’. When General Sir Ian Hamilton wrote the preface to Waite’s book, he combined these two numbers without realising that several drafts of New Zealand reinforcements had landed on Gallipoli later in the year.”

In light of this information, we’ve adjusted the official number of New Zealanders at Gallipoli to approximately 13,000. This is now reflected in this website.

Read the full article on the WW100 website.

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