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NZDF Hats at the Anzac Commemorative Site at ANZAC Cove, 2013

NZDF Hats at the Anzac Commemorative Site at ANZAC Cove, 2013. Photo: NZDF.

On 25 April 2015, we will commemorate the centenary of the ANZAC landings on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey. What followed in 1915 was a bitter eight-month campaign that helped to forge our nation.

Australia and New Zealand conduct three commemorative services at Gallipoli on Anzac Day each year. The Dawn Service at the Anzac Commemorative Site is jointly conducted by both countries and is followed by an Australian Memorial Service at Lone Pine, and a New Zealand Memorial Service at Chunuk Bair.

As the Anzac Commemorative Site has a limited capacity, anticipated demand to attend represents a challenge to ensuring a secure, safe and comfortable visitor experience, while maintaining the dignity and solemnity of the centenary commemorations.

Attendance at the Anzac Day commemorations in Gallipoli in 2015 is being managed through a public ballot. Only those with attendance passes received through either the New Zealand or Australian government ballot will be able to attend.

The ballot and waitlist is now closed. The results of the New Zealand Gallipoli 2015 ballot were announced on Monday 31 March 2014.

Accounts of those who have successfully accepted their offer of attendance passes or have recently received an offer of attendance passes are now open.

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